GC Solar is well established to employ candidates with the relative experience and skillset

We ensure all our employees are satisfied with beneficiaries and encentives. Equity is our most important liability. Its cruical our candidates are entilted to fair oppotunities.

Our force demands candidates who can coupe with the pressure. We require candidates to be proficient with thier field of expertise. GC Solar comprises of well experienced experts that always deliver.

Candidates will bennefit growing within the company. GC Solar will ensure all employees get the fair amount of training and knowledge about products and services. Therefore we are optimistic about helping our employees to be more professional.

Skillset Assessment

Right person for the job?

Our human resource department is liable to employ candidates who meet our standards. All candidcates who do not meet our minimum expactations will not be granted opportunity for employment. If need be candidates have to submit relevant documents along with thier resume, they can share a link.


Our job opportunities consists of sales, marketing, engineering and tourism. Our vacanies should be available to you on the vacancies tab. Should you have any queries with regards to the job spec, you can send us an email to info@gcsolar.co.za.

Seeking for a window of opportunity?

GC Solar vacancies are an open platform for all qualified applicants. Recruitment period should take up to no more than 1 month. Employees are hereby invited for an interview telephonically or by email. All applicants who are foriegn should send all supporting documents.

Freelance vacancies are published on the website with all the necesary information required. For any other outsourcing work, the company is hereby to contact the relative department.