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GC Solar Solutions strive to provide the best quality solar products that do not cost the earth. GC Solar provides reliable services such as Solar System installations, mounting and welding. GC Solar offers the best well known manufactured Solar products in the market including our very own manufactured GC Solar products.

GC Solar is a professional, well – managed, flexible supplier and service provider that achieve planned results and customer satisfaction through. The compliance and adherence to systems and quality standards.

Excellent customer service and client satisfaction by providing complete solutions. Striving towards world class practices and performance with continuous improvement. A committed, motivated staff and empowered workforce through holistic employee focus and teamwork.

We conduct our business fairly and honestly and with consideration of the long-term needs of all our stakeholders, i.e. clients, employees and suppliers. We act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We are continually seeking opportunities to empower the disadvantaged sectors of our society

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Professional customer service team,Rich practical experience, have the courage to tackle the difficulties of the product management team.

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Dedicated customer service personnel, one-on-one service gives customers access to the fastest and the first time a comprehensive service.

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Product diversification, Solar Power System, Lights, Accessories

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Tidy working environment,Improve the environmental management system.