Installer Program

Partner with GC Solar for a greener and sustainable future.

At GC Solar, we're not just a solar company; we're a movement towards a brighter, cleaner future. Our mission is to revolutionize the way the world harnesses energy. By becoming a GC Solar installer, you're joining a network of dedicated professionals who share our vision of a sustainable planet.

How It Works

Easy 3 Step Process


Complete our easy 3 step online from, and provide us with installer references and certificates.


We'll review your application, check your certifications and contact your references.


Once approved we will send you your installer number and you'll be listed on our website as an approved installer.

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Benefits of becoming a
Registered Installer

More clients

Partnering with GC Solar means more leads and a broader client base.


GC Solar's reputable name enhances your trustworthiness in the industry.

Competitive Pricing

Access to bulk purchase agreements leads to better equipment prices and increased profits.


Offer flexible payment options to attract clients who lack upfront capital.

Requirements for

  1. You must have an active GC Solar account.
  2. You must have a qualified electrician in your team.
  3. You must be registered with the Department of Labour.
  4. You must have completed PV Green Card Training
  5. The majority of products used in your installations, which include inverters, batteries, PV modules and mounting structures, must have been purchased from the GC Solar.
  6. Your installations must meet the quality standards of the GC Solar.
  7. Your installations must be according to all safety regulations.
  8. Installers must have completed a minimum of 5 solar installations of 5kW or more.
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