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fits all rooftop scenarios

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One Hybrid Inverter up to 500kW of Power
Integrated EMS Function
Flexable Battery Type
Intelligent fault detection

No.1 High Voltage Batteries

Pylontech HM3A-180

It offers reliable and efficient energy storage for various applications, including solar systems and off-grid setups. The battery is designed for longevity and performance

Pylontech HM3A-180

High Efficiency PV Modules

High Efficiency Solar Panels

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, it is well-suited for commercial, and off-grid use.

Solar Panel Inside

Monitoring anywhere, anytime

Visibility on the Go

Combined with the Hybrid Inverter, details of each modules can be visible and checked anytime and anywhere, protecting your own property

We power a wide variety of installation types to suit every business and organization


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