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  • We cater for individual houses as well as big projects.
  • Backed by a corporate business with buying power to ensure competitive pricing.
  • Advance and efficient solar products and services.

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      Start the application process by filling in the form and a friendly representative will contact you as soon as available.

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      Our representative will walk you through the ins and outs of the business in a box franchise opportunity. They will also provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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      A legal agreement will be drawn up and if agreed upon by both parties involve, together we will start your brand-new business in a box business venture.





    Main Benefits Of Franchise Opportunity 

    The following is a summarized list of benefits of the GC Solar in line stand alone retail franchise shop in a mall, strip mall or convenient shopping centre. If you would like to learn more about the benefits and advantages, please fill in the form above to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

    • We cater for individual houses as well as big projects.
    • Backed by a corporate business with buying power to ensure competitive pricing.
    • Advance and efficient solar products and services.
    • Professional turnkey operation to ensure consistency and recognizable footprint throughout South Africa and Africa.
    • Low set up costs.
    • Ongoing business support, weekly/monthly store visits.
    • Low affordable monthly royalties.
    • Qualified installers network to ensure professional installation.
    • Extensive product range for customers to choose from.
    • Leading solar technology and support.
    • Advance and ongoing training if needed at our training academy centre.
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    PV GreenCard Accredited Training

    The SAPVIA Solar PV Green Card Installers Training

    Over the 5 days candidates will be familiarised with the fundamental principles of solar, irradiation, annual yield, effects of shading etc., and typical components of solar PV systems such as PV panels, inverters, batteries, mounting structures etc., followed by the design and system integration and practical installation and commissioning of systems by using a small scale solar set-up at the training venue. In addition, system design and integration, planning of installation, and practically installing components, testing and commissioning of systems, documenting and evaluating an installation.


    ECSA: 4,5* CPD credits

    AEE: 7,2* Certification Renewal Credits

    How to get a PV GreenCard

    First of all, it is not the installer who gets the GreenCard, but the installation. The installer can get the qualification to issue a PV GreenCard. For that, he / she has to participate in an Assessment to prove his / her installation skills and to become an officially certified PV GreenCard installer. Once that happens, the installer can start issuing PV GreenCards.

    PV GreenCard Assessment Procedure

    The PV GreenCard Assessment takes two days and consists of two parts: a Theoretical Assessment and a Practical Assessment. In both parts, the competence of installers to correctly install PV systems is tested and candidates have to attain a minimum of 80%.

    The Theoretical Assessment is a written exam. Participants have 4 hours to answer questions on:

    • Electrical  and solar basics
    • Site Assessment
    • Solar PV System Design
    • Solar PV Installation
    • SANS 10142
    • PV System inspection and testing procedure

    The Practical Assessment takes place on the second day. The participants have to prove competency in the following fields:

    • Quality installation
    • DC and AC circuits incl. safety components
    • Wiring of distribution board
    • Testing (e.g. Insulation resistance)
    • Material List
    • Workplace safety and PPE
    • Appropriate use of tools and materials

    Support Provided To Our Franchisees 


    IT Support Project Management

    Omni CRM solution, Warehouse management.

    Business Support

    The geographical sales support by providing leads.

    Marketing Support

    All our marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Website, and Publications. Technical

    Technical Support

    Design and Engineering with projects. Product support and training.

    After Sales Support

    We have a technical repair centre at our Head-office in Midrand South Africa where all warrantee claims are being warrant and repairs are done. Technical support and call out for clients are also possible at a call out fee. All manufacturing warrantees are valid and evaluated on terms and conditions set out.

    Project Management Support

    Solution selling can be supported from engineering and assistance in getting you project managed. Purchasing and ensuring stock availability in required timelines.

    Why GC Solar?

    GC Solar is a leading South African renewable energy system supplier. Our high performance and good quality solar energy products are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers around the world. The emphasis on high performance and quality combined with our expert reliable after-sales service distinguishes us from our competitors and provides you with the ultimate peace of mind.

    At GC Solar, we are committed to develop and provide the world with clean and renewable energy to ease the energy shortage as well as the impact

    Additional Value Added Bonuses

    With the business in the box franchise option we offer all our franchisees the following value added bonus when they sign up.


      • Low once-off joining fee
      • Small operation cost
      • Small operation cost


      • Electricity shortage
      • Lifestyle of the future


      • Direct importer and Authorized big brand distributor
      • No middleman


      • Direct importer and Authorized big brand distributor
      • No middleman



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