Air-Cooling 40FT 2.58MWh 768VDC Deep Cycle Battery Energy Storage System 400VAC Container Battery

20FT Containerized Battery Energy Storage System
20FT Shipping Container Battery Storage
26t Containerized Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Type:
Lithium Ion
5 Years
Nominal Energy/kWh:
20 FT Standard Container: 2438x6058x2591 Mm
Voltage Range/V:
Air-Cooling 40FT 2.58MWh 768VDC Deep Cycle Battery Energy Storage System 400VAC Container Battery

Air-Cooling 40FT 2.58MWh 768VDC Deep Cycle Battery Energy Storage System 400VAC Container Battery

Product Description:

Container Energy Storage System is an off-grid energy storage system that provides modular, reliable, and efficient energy storage solutions. This system is designed with a maximum nominal energy of 2000 kWh, a voltage range of 783-945 V, a dimension of 20 FT standard container which measures 2438x6058x2591 mm, and a weight of no more than 26t. This system is powered by a lithium-ion battery, ensuring high performance and energy efficiency. With its easy installation and maintenance, it is a great choice for off-grid energy storage applications.  


  • Product Name: Container Energy Storage System
  • Weight: ≤26t
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage Range/V: 783-945
  • Dimension(DxWxH): 20 FT Standard Container: 2438x6058x2591 Mm
  • Nominal Energy/kWh: ≤2000
  • Special Features: Off-Grid-Energy-Storage-System, Modular-Energy-Storage-System, Containerized-Energy-Storage-System

Technical Parameters:


Produ Technical Parameter
Optional Capacity
1MW/ 2.58 MWh
Battery Cell ParameterLFP-3.2V-280Ah-896 Wh
Module ParameterLFP-51.2V-280Ah-14.336 kWh(1P16S)
Rack ParameterLFP-768V-280Ah-215.04 kWh(1P240S)
Container ParameterLFP-768V-3360Ah-2.58MWh(12P240S)
Max. DC Current1400A*2
DC Voltage Range580~860V DC
Charge and Discharge Ratio0.5C
Cycle Life8000 Cycles (70%EOL)
BMS SchemeActive Equalization+ Threelevel Architecture
Communication InterfaceEthernet/RS-485/CAN
communication ProtocolModbus-TCP/IEC61 8 50/ 104
Temperature Control SchemeIntelligent Variable Frequency Air-Cooling
Fire Extinguishing SchemeGas/ Smoke/ TemperatureDetection!HeptafluoropropanelWater1Perfluorohexanone( Optional)+Active
Air Exhaust
Rated AC Voltage400 VAC (3P4W)
Rated AC Power1000 kW
Max.AC Current2000A
Power Factor0.99(Adjustable Extent- 1~+ 1)
Rated Working Frequency50Hz/60Hz( Settable)
Max. Harmonic Distortion<3 %( Rated Power)
DC Component<0.5%
Insulation Resistance>3 MQ
Altitude<5000m(>3000m Capacity Reduction)
Allowable Ambient Temperature -40~+55°C
Allowable Relative Humidity0 .-95% Rh( without Condensation)
Ingress ProtectionIP55
Corrosion- proof GradeC4( C5 Optional)
 12192*2438*2591 mm



Container Energy Storage System is an off-grid energy storage system with a nominal energy of up to 2000 kWh. It is also known as a containerised energy storage system, with a voltage range of 783-945V. The weight of the system is less than 26 tons and the battery type is lithium ion, offering a 5-year warranty. The minimum order quantity is 10 and the delivery time is 60 days. The payment terms are T/T.

This energy storage system is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as residential, commercial, or industrial power grids. It can provide reliable and efficient electricity for remote areas, while it is also suitable for peak shaving, frequency regulation, and grid stability and integration. It helps to reduce the reliance on diesel generators, while also reducing the overall cost of electricity. The system can be easily installed and maintained, saving both time and money.

Container Energy Storage System offers an excellent solution for those who are looking to have reliable and efficient electricity in areas which are not connected to the main power grid. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution for those who need a reliable source of electricity.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

The Container Energy Storage System is packaged according to international shipping standards to ensure safe delivery. The system is secured to a pallet and protected with a waterproof shipping cover. The package is then sealed with plastic shrink wrap and reinforced with heavy-duty strapping for shipping.