New Business Developer

New Business Developer needed with solar experience for leading solar energy company in Centurion. As New Business Developer you will be responsible for ensuring that all projects are designed to create optimal yields at all times while progressing in line with in-house and external expectations and requirements. Drawing on your established networks and previous experiences, identifying and securing greenfield solar PV projects, facilities won’t be a challenge for you. You will find yourself responsible for ensuring all project elements are carried out in accordance with the best practices of the company. Your ability to form strong interpersonal relationships will assist you when needing to liaise with government departments and landowners in order to oversee the project permitting and approval procedures, which will result in increased sales to installers, resellers, commercial/residential customers, and government bodies. Your excellent written English skills will assist you in your efforts to produce thorough progress reports and bid-ready documentations. Salary: Depending on experience and qualifications