Inverter (Solar) Repairs Technician


Inverter repairs technician needed with solar experience for leading solar energy company in Centurion.

Experience Requires:
At least 5 to 10 years’ experience in the Solar industry servicing and repairing Solar Inverters
BTech or Degree in engineering Qualifications
Minimum BTech Engineering or similar degree required
Valid driver’s license and own vehicle
Must always be clean and presentable
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Good people’s skills
Experience installing, maintaining and troubleshooting PV systems preferred.
Experience installing all types of grid-tier inverters and be able to work with various ground and roof mount racking systems preferred.

Role Description and Responsibilities:
Responsible for the preventative and corrective maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) inverters, string boxes and solar panels and other components.
Assist in the commissioning of the solar array and monitoring systems during project installation.
Ensure that PV systems are set up correctly.
Install hardware, PV modules, inverters and monitoring equipment.
Perform commissioning of inverters and inspection of solar panels.
Mechanical/structural mounting of racking, modules and electrical equipment.
Respond to corrective maintenance cases on PV inverters, string boxes and solar panels. This includes troubleshooting, testing, and repairing activities.
Calibrate electronic components and pneumatic transmitters and controllers and maintain and submit records.
Electrical wiring of solar array/system (DC)
Perform voltage testing using appropriate PPE and procedures.
Prepare reports, if needed to comply with deliverables in O&M contracts.
Help in all areas of preventative and corrective maintenance as directed by manager with minimal supervision.
Attend mandatory training sessions on new products, installation methodology, maintenance and safety.
In the performance of your duties, use equipment and resources in accordance with instructions provided by the company.
Follow procedures, instructions and work orders as part of your normal work functions
Maintains adherence to Company policies, environmental health and safety policies and good housekeeping practices. Identifies gaps in safety standards as well as safety risks in the environment and provides recommendations to higher level technical staff and management.
Carry out any other tasks delegated by the company.
Ensure tasks are performed according to organizational requirements for quality management and environmental, health and safety standards, policies and procedures.

Salary: Depending on experience and qualifications