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Energy Efficiency

GC Solar is a leading South African renewable energy system supplier. Our high performance and good quality solar energy products are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers around the world.This emphasis on performance and quality, combined with our expert reliable after-sales services distinguishes us from our competitors and provides you with the ultimate peace of mind.

GC Solar is also affiliated with a local South African solar water heater manufacturer which is situated in Gauteng. This solar water heater factory covers 9500 square meter and has a monthly manufacturing capacity of 16,000 units. Together, we are SABS compliant with SWH equipment and we are also a Member of SAAEA and SAPVIA.
Our commitment to quality products, expert service and a sustainable long-term future for Southern African region is demonstrated by our involvement in uplifting Southern African communities particularly those communities in need of renewable energy solutions.

GC Solar offers reliable quality products and excellent after-sale services that make us a reputed brand well received by our customers from all over the world. We also help in the development and introduction of new technology in Southern African markets. Contact us today to find out how we can help you power South Africa and Africa!
GC Solar offers an unrivalled service distributing photovoltaic solutions in South Africa and Africa for grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems.


PV Panels are investment that both consumers and the environment will bennefit from. We have projects that are cost-efficient, sustainable and a return on investment for the costumer. If you would like assistance to calculate costs and savings contact us at info@gcsolar.co.za


By promoting the installation of solar systems we are making significant contribution to the international energy transition. This also has a productive effect on the future of energy saving and sustainability solution. At GC Solar energy effiecience is a priority and assurity. We are an an establishment that meets satisfactory standards of our investors prior to your mission statement Green Energy Saving World.


Providing you with reliable and afforable energy solutions. Our services are quick and professional. We provide you with a satisfactory customer service and ensure our agents are on sight as soon as possible. If you not sure about products and services our team will be more than happy to assist.


Maintained and sustained by a team of experts, GC Solar believes the quality assurance of our products and services, is a crucial and driving factor that brings reliable returns for customers and consumers.



GC Solar has took initiative to be the sole distributor and install over dosens of solar systems to residential homes. Our Services consist of sight inspection, cable management and calculations.


We are compliant to a sustainable development. We provide solar system installation service in South Africa,SADC regions and the rest of Africa. Terms and conditions apply.


We are a reputable environment and energy efficient distributor. We have projects across Southern African regions. We thrive to sustain the environment with green energy.


Farming has never been this efficient. With our Utility initiave you can setup up your own solar system to energize your arogation systems.


Proficient Energy and Efficiency Experts

Our projects have result to an increase of solar power usage nationwide. Every year electricity becomes more cost efficeint, solar products provide excellent quality continuety you can rely on.



Qualified Experts

Our vacancies require qualified experts in specified fields. All qualifications should be included on the curriculum vitae. If there are no qualifications upon submission, we will only make provision for candidates with qualified skillsets. Should some job descriptions require no qualifications.

Top Candidates

The Shortlist period will amount to the top candidates. They will be assessed according to their skillset, work experience and persona. They will be selected for a series of interviews until they get notification that they have been selected for employment. We will work with the selected candidate to contribute to the company’s success.