Air-Cooling 20FT 768VDC 1.29MWh Deep Cycle Battery Energy Storage System 400VAC Container Battery

20T Container Energy Storage System Container Energy Storage System 1000V 1500V Energy Storage Box

Adaptive Voltage Range:
1000- 1500V
MAX Capacity:
Battery Type:
3.2V 280Ah Lifepo4 Battery
10 Years
20HC 3.1MWh Container Energy Storage System 1000V – 1500V Energy Storage Box With Grand A 3.2V 280k

20HC 3.1MWh Container Energy Storage System 1000V – 1500V Energy Storage Box With Grand A 3.2V 280k

Product Description:

Based on lithium iron phosphate battery(LFP) and power conversion technology, GC Solar  designed the modular containerized battery energy storage system (BESS),which was successfully used in manyscenarios, such as frequency regulation of power plant, peak shifting of user side, and micro grid applicationwith wind power & solar power.


1. Highly modularized design make it easy to be transported, installed,constructed and maintained.

2. Reasonable and design enables the system to be operated under various scenarios 3. Battery System:4-evel design makes them easy to be monitored and controlled: Cell level, Module level, Rack level and Containerlevel: 4. BMS: Ensures the battery system to run in a “healthy” condition by monitoring and controling the current, voltage,temperature and other relative parameters of each cells, modules, racks and containers. 5. Cooling system: Using a set of precision air-conditioners to keep the temperature inside the container around 25 “c.

6. Lighting system: lncluding emergency light and lighting, are available in the allcontainers 7. Fire system: FM 200, an advanced automatic fire extinguishing system with audible and visual alarm, is installed inthecontainer. The container can be hermeticallv sealed by the automatic shut-down svstem once the fre extinguishing svstem isactivated.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Details
Type of Container 20 HC
Max. Capacity 3.01Mwh
OptionalCapacity 2.67-3.01Mwh
Adaptive voltage range 1000- 1500V
Charge and Discharge Ratio 0.5CP
Battery Cell Parameter LFP 2 80Ah
Module Parameter LFP-38.4V-560Ah-21.504kWh
Cycle Life 8000 Cycles(90%DOD.>70%EOL)
Cycle Efficiency >94% (DC Side )
BMS Scheme Active Equalization+ Three- level Architecture
Communication Interface Ethernet/RS- 4 8 5/CAN
Communication Protocol Modbus-TCP/IEC61 8 50 104
Temperature Control Scheme Intelligent Variable Frequency Air Cooling
Fire Extinguishing Scheme Gas/ Smoke/ Temperature Detection+ Heptafluoropropane+ Water+ Perfluorohexanone( Optional) + Active Air Exhaust
Insulation Resistance > 10MΩ
Auxiliary Power Supply AC380V-50HZ
<5000m (> 3000m Capacity Reduction)
Allowable Ambient Temperature -40~+55.C
Allowable Relative Humidity -0 – 95%Rh ( without Condensation )
Ingress Protection IP65
Corrosion- proof Grade C4 (C5 Optional)
Dimension ( L* W*H) 6058*2438*2896mm
Full Weight 28T
Product Certification GB/T36276 ,GB/T34131 ,UL1973 ,UL9540A ,IEC62619 ,UN38.3

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

The Container Energy Storage System is securely packaged to ensure that it arrives to its destination in good condition. The system is individually packaged in a box or crate. All parts and components are secured within the box or crate with high-quality cushioning material. Extra cushioning material is used to fill in any empty spaces within the box or crate and to secure the box or crate to its destination.

The shipping method for the Container Energy Storage System will depend on the final destination. If the system is to be shipped to a residential destination, it will be shipped via ground delivery. If the system is to be shipped to a commercial destination, it will be shipped by air or sea, depending on the size and weight of the system.